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AI-powered expert finder for organizations. Enter your natural language query and we return the best person for you.


Connect our solution with just a few lines of code. Improves your existing solution.


Track which expertise your peers are searching for in real-time and identify key people in your organization.


We speed up innovation in organizations by creating products that help you utilize human capital in unprecedented ways. With this approach, teams form easily and knowledge flows efficiently. Our smart expert finder is currently in beta and outperforms existing solutions.

We use artificial intelligence – machine learning, knowledge mapping and other data transformations – to extract more meaning from search queries. We produce more helpful results than you’ve seen before.


Business Lead – Melisande Middleton is an information systems expert with ten years’ experience running a global, award-winning information ethics project (Center for Internet & Media Ethics CIME). In 2017 she was named a top serial entrepreneur by Sweden’s leading DI Digital and in 2013 was selected as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Her experience includes UNESCO’s knowledge systems program LINKS and research in traditional knowledge economics published by the World Bank. She is a Stanford grad and formerly a lawyer in intellectual property and information, communications and technology (ICT).

Developers РOur team of data science and data security scientists includes Tor Sand̩n (PhD Physics KTH) and Laune Harris (formerly at Amazon).


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